The Leidseplein

Leidseplein: the most famous entertainment area in the Netherlands, centrally located in Amsterdam.With its central location, the Leidsebuurt is a true hub between Amsterdam Center, West and South. Amsterdammers and non-Amsterdammers cross the neighborhood every day, on their way to work, friends, sports or fun. Or to the Leidsebuurt itself of course. A hotspot for culture and experience, full of varied culinary options. Leidseplein, famous for its many terraces, is the heart of the Leidsebuurt entertainment area, where about 150 restaurants, cinemas and theaters are located. The Leidsebuurt is characterized by its bazaar-like structure: small streets with an enormous diversity of cafes, bars, discos and restaurants. At the Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen, where the famous City cinema is located, you will find a number of modern catering establishments that are very popular with well-known Dutch people. The cultural aspect is also amply addressed in the entertainment area, with the Stadsschouwburg, the DeLaMar theater, Bellevue and De Balie as attractions.   Pop culture is well represented with pop venues such as the Melkweg and Paradiso, and for dance lovers there is plenty of choice of clubs with music ranging from disco to South American. The restaurants also have a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world. From traditional Dutch to Nepalese and from South American to Japanese: there is a wide range for every taste. The theatergoer can enjoy a theater menu in various restaurants, making it a real night out. After the theater performance there is a wide range of opportunities to enjoy a snack and a drink before returning home. The entertainment area is easily accessible by public transport and also offers enough hotels to spend the night in Amsterdam. Just a day out in Amsterdam: do some shopping in the nicest shopping street in the Netherlands (the Leidsestraat) and then drink a cup of coffee on one of the many terraces. Enjoying a delicious meal in a café-restaurant (there is a choice of more than 100 restaurants) will make you decide to come back even more often to the vibrant heart of Amsterdam: Leidseplein.